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Blister Critters actual play

Praise for Stillfleet

Stillfleet has precisely the sort of sci-fi tone that I like, in that it’s so soft you could spread it on toast. It’s chock-full of Interesting Weird. There are several kinds of magic sword, the rulebook looks like a prog-rock album cover, and very little presented in the fiction is explainable or explained.”
—Grant Howitt, co-designer of Spire and Heart: The City Beneath
Stillfleet strikes a perfect balance that eludes the vast majority of TTRPGS: the system is quick and easy to pickup, but the setting possesses a thoughtfulness and depth—at the first edition!—that rivals any other game… It’s a super-future spacefaring game on its surface, but it succeeds at helping tell stories of political intrigue, cloak and dagger mystery, large-scale geopolitical conflict, cyberpunk noir, and intimate interpersonal drama. If there is a bottom to the depth stories it can help tell, I have not seen it!
—Mike Rugnetta, Fun City GM and former PBS Idea Channel host.
Stillfleet is a triumph that imagines the far far future and the socio-political inter-workings of staying alive. Makes you think about the way you eat, breathe, and bring about change in your provincial space town, on Spindle, and across the universe. It was so easy to learn, too.
—Jenn de la Vega, Fun City player and food influencer.

Praise for Blister Critters

“Blister Critters synthesizes so much that I love about TTRPGs. The game world is bonkers, but the cartoony/suburban tropes make it feel comfortably familiar. The mechanics are simple but also just complex enough to perfectly motivate zany Saturday morning post-apocalyptic adventures. The aesthetic is dynamic and electric, the rules are flexible, and the intersection of art and mechanics are guaranteed to supercharge your imagination.”
—Will Savino, Borough Bound and Music d20.