Ready-to-run scenarios

Discover thrilling stories set across the void—and across genres

The official ventures (playable scenarios) for Stillfleet range from a full campaign—The Rain Thieves—to short one-offs that explore the many sides of science fiction—mini-ventures. And for a perfect introductory game session, check out the 25-page hulk-crawl The Sleeper in the Sky.

All ventures include riveting plots (with twists), encounters (statblocks), maps, lore, professional illustrations, and new rules.

A mini-venture is a high-quality, short, standalone supplement for Stillfleet or any Grit System game. A mini-venture is a playable story, but it can also include a gazetteer focusing more on a setting, a mini-game, a new set of rules for the Grit System, a series of maps or items or pre-gens, and so on.

The Sleeper in the Sky

In this venture, designed to introduce players and GMs to Stillfleet, the voidminers have to rescue a thieving banshee (tech specialist) from a small, supposedly abandoned Late Tephnian pleasure ship orbiting Saturn’s moon, Titan. The ship is a venatorium—a private hunting grounds—stocked with dangerous xenofauna… and one titular cryo-sleeping noble.

The Rain Thieves

The Rain Thieves, a Stillfleet campaign and setting sourcebook, offers classic sand-blasted sci-fi danger and discovery on the minor province of Radanaar. The Rain Thieves features 100 pages of new rules, settings, encounters, archaetech, maps, speculative ecology, political fronts, and excerpts from a gastro-tourism guidebook for wetans (giant bugs).