In space, no one can hear you—

Spaceships are dungeons, hanging in the void…

Stillfleet is a politically charged tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) set in space, far into the ruinous future. Using the unique and highly flexible Grit System, players explore ruined spacecraft—hulks—as well as earth-like planets that have been cut off from Terra for centuries.

You are a “voidminer”—a salvager working for the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters (the Co.). Your home, the alien space station nicknamed Spindle—a sea slug made of undulating black stone, kilometers tall—is a mystery to its own inhabitants. It brims with timespace gates called stiffworks, many of which are already tacked to habitable worlds…

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Aliens, intrigue, and enigmas

Threespace—the observable universe—is far from empty… In Stillfleet, you can play any sapient species, from a (post)human to a giant bug, a mobile xeno-cactus, or an AI that projects an invulnerable (but also physically harmless) hologram.

And as a professional voidminer, your class is your job with the Co. Character classes blend classic sci-fi tropes (the stillrijder’s exosuit) with world-defining abilities (the banshee’s ability to “tack” or open the gates called stiffworks). One class, the witness (or Co. translator/social scientist), even specializes in ending combat by fiat!

No matter what type of voidminer you create, you will have to contend with a venal Co. that will send you out on a dangerous venture at short notice for a confounding reason—perhaps due to a clerical error, or a roll of the die…

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Powerful, simple game mechanics

The Grit System blends narrative impact—some powers just happen, no dice required—with dramatic rolling. This mix of “it just happens” and “roll for it!” makes for dynamic gameplay without the need to consult endless charts or stretch your math skills.

When you do roll, grit is everything. You can gamble on the outcomes of your actions by burning grit to boost your rolls. This lets you set up absolutely epic moments—but remember, you still fail whenever you roll a natural 1.

And gameplay is not tied to one die. Your base scores—combat, movement, reason, will, and charm—are represented by different types of dice, from the humble d4 to the mighty d12. Some cosmic horrors even possess d20s and d30s… Download the Quickstart to check out nine fully playable pre-generated characters and their powers—including a few examples of the physics-scrambling hell science…

The hell science and other Weirdness

Stillfleet is science fiction, but the Grit System works for any genre. The core rules include an entire optional set of powers featuring rules that break the rules. This system for “unlocking” physics with a mere thought—the hell science—can bend your game in the direction of science fantasy (or pure, anime-inspired zaniness). In addition, rules for powers enabled by advanced nanotechnologies—the Blood—can pull your game in the direction of science horror.

All of these mind-bending powers are available to player characters at 1st level. (They are also possessed by many ultrasapient aliens…) Download the Quickstart, generate a random voidminer, find us on Discord, and start playing today!

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The Stillfleet Quickstart Rules

The free Stillfleet Quickstart Rules contains 42 pages of rules, entire classes, gear (sample weapons, armor, comms), aliens (6 encounters with full stats), settings, random tables, and a venture hook, as well as a separate document with 9 pregenerated characters—all different species and classes.

The Stillfleet Core Rulebook

The Stillfleet Core Rulebook builds on the simple rules of the Quickstart, expanding the game with extremely fun character options and rich lore. The complete rules include 10 classes of Co. voidminer, 22 playable sapient species, hundreds of advanced powers, nanotech “blooder” powers, deeply Weird hell science powers, over 20 full encounters, and much more.

The Rain Thieves

The Rain Thieves, a Stillfleet campaign and setting sourcebook, offers classic sand-blasted sci-fi danger and discovery on the minor province of Radanaar. The Rain Thieves features 100 pages of new rules, settings, encounters, archaetech, maps, speculative ecology, political fronts, and excerpts from a gastro-tourism guidebook for wetans (giant bugs).


The espionage sourcebook for Stillfleet features 170 pages of new classes, species, advanced powers, an in-world introduction to the domed/divided dwarf planet (Co.-controlled Worshipful Qadida and anarcho-socialist Free Qadida), and two full-length ventures! Qadida lovingly yanks the Grit System into the genres of detective fiction, eco-horror, and cold-war intrigue.