The Rain Thieves

The Rain Thieves, the second official Stillfleet venture and setting sourcebook, offers classic sand-blasted sci-fi danger and discovery on the minor province of Radanaar.

This desert planet—populated by domesticated, yoghurt-producing centipedes and intelligent giant “spiders” (well, that word is close enough)—has been literally forgotten by the Co.

Players, as you undertake this sweeping wilderness-crawl, will you do the Co.’s bidding and destabilize the fragile ecosystems of Radanaar’s great cave complexes in the search for new fungus technologies or other resources to extract?

Will you survive the dust cyclones and spider-ambushes? Will you discover the technical secrets of Kildz’s Antenna? Will you escort home a neighborhood of food tourists trapped here for two decades?

This pulp-tastic, politically charged, eco-horror venture (playable scenario) is a great way to introduce new players to Stillfleet or challenge veterans with a campaign of rockside exploration and intrigue! The Rain Thieves features 100 pages of new rules, settings, encounters, archaetech, maps, speculative ecology, political fronts, and excerpts from a gastro-tourism guidebook for wetans (giant bugs).

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