Be weird ☉ do crimes

The Stillfleet Studio makes high-quality, mind-expanding, innovative, and replayable tabletop games with a focus on roleplaying.

Burrow into your new favorite cartoon—starring you!

Discover your inner cartoon-self in Blister Critters—a TTRPG full of Saturday-morning action. In this innovative eco-apocalyptic game, you play as an animal who wields bizarre mutations to survive in a vast, cruel suburbia populated by fellow Critters and feral Beasts. The Grit System powering Blister Critters takes minutes to learn, and the Critter-specific rules focus on player agency and group discovery in the shadow of humanity—whether gnarly or zany in tone.

Mine the void—or undermine the Co.

Stillfleet is a politically charged TTRPG set far into the superfuture. Using the unique, highly flexible Grit System, players take on the role of voidminers—salvagers working for the venal Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters (the Co.) who explore ruined spacecraft and earth-like planets that have been cut off from Terra for centuries. The Co.’s headquarters, the alien space station nicknamed Spindle, brims with timespace gates called stiffworks—and with the vile secrets of the Co.’s directors…

Dive deep behind the GM screen

Hosted by Chris Pickett (the creator of Danse Macabre) and Wythe Marschall (the creator of Stillfleet), Why We Roll is fun and practical in tone, combining the banter of a shoot-the-breeze chat with a cerebral unboxing of specific TTRPG elements (plus a dash of actual play). Chris and Wythe take a curious and ecumenical approach to game design, inviting everyone at the table to consider why we roll.