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Beating 6

In the Grit System, your scores are different dice types. The basic mechanic of *Stillfleet* is to roll a single score (a single die) and try to get a 6 or higher. The type of die you roll depends on what you’re trying to do. Contested rolls are won by the higher result. Ties go to the initiator of the action.

For uncontested rolls, a result of 6 or higher is a success on a roll of normal difficulty. And when one or more people help you do something, you get a +1 to your roll.

Uncontested check difficulties

Very difficult

Boosting checks

You can also boost your rolls by burning grit (GRT): you can burn (use up) 3, 6, or 9 GRT to add +3, +6, or +9 to any check.

A 1 is always a failure, even when boosted.

Assigning scores

To make a player character (PC), AKA a voidminer, you must first choose a class and a species and then assign 5 die types to your 5 core scores. Here are your options.

Either distribute:

d12 d10 d8 d6 d6

d12 d10 d8 d8 d4

This means that you either have no scores so low that you cannot succeed in a normal challenge without help, or that you have one low score and one extra d8 (which succeeds unaided on a 6, 7, or 8).

Your voidminer’s mind and body are represented by these 5 primary scores and by 2 secondary or derived scores (your “pool”): health and grit.

Defining scores

The scores you assign, after choosing class and species, are these:

use when rolling to attack or grapple
use when rolling to drive/pilot, dodge, initiate, parry, run, or sneak
use when rolling to heal, know, make/repair, use technology (e.g., tack a stiffworks), or use a Weird power
use when rolling to empathize, perceive, resist other (resist seduction, mind control, etc.), or resist world (resist explosions, falling rocks, poison, etc.)
use when rolling to control, negotiate, or seduce

Get started

Our team has created a character generator to randomly create playable level-1 characters you can use to start playing today.

The Stillfleet Quickstart Rules

The free Stillfleet Quickstart Rules contains 42 pages of rules, entire classes, gear (sample weapons, armor, comms), aliens (6 encounters with full stats), settings, random tables, and a venture hook, as well as a separate document with 9 pregenerated characters—all different species and classes.

The Stillfleet Core Rulebook

The Stillfleet Core Rulebook builds on the simple rules of the Quickstart, expanding the game with extremely fun character options and rich lore. The complete rules include 10 classes of Co. voidminer, 22 playable sapient species, hundreds of advanced powers, nanotech “blooder” powers, deeply Weird hell science powers, over 20 full encounters, and much more.