The Monkey in the Wrench

The score is simple: do a favor for the Wetan Mafia, no refactor involved, and your debts are settled…

The targets are a bunch of pacifist monks from the future, anyway, so what could go wrong? (Certainly nothing related to the monks’ sophisticated new security system…)

“The Monkey in the Wrench” by Stephen Aubrey is a madcap Spin-side heist—and extremely adroit parody of a certain festive 1980s action movie and a certain genre of early-2000s team-of-thieves movie—in which one player takes on the role of Mastermind, organizing an elite (ish) team of rogues to obtain a single legendary relic from the distant future.

Stephen writes with characteristic humor, and who doesn’t love a heist? Thanks to Stephen for writing this one and designing the map, Aaron H. for editing it, Ethan Gouldini for illustrating it, and all of Stephen’s brilliant playtesters for kicking its tyres. Layout and final map by Wythe Marschall.

This mini-venture features:

  • A new narrative structure for heists in which one player is the Mastermind
  • New rules for tactical room-blob-by-room-blob crawls
  • New rules for heist perks
  • Wetan Mafia lore

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