Motes in the Eye

What will you find when you enter the Eye of Ôrdh?

We asked our banshee (technical director), Aaron H., to choose an excerpt to show off his book—our second full venture and setting sourcebook, The Rain Thieves.

There was certainly a lot of material to draw from: this eco-exploration book—set on the literally forgotten minor province of Radanaar—is full of desert and cave locations, communalist NPCs, optional survival rules, strange archaetech, foods and medicines, and of course intelligent giant spider-like organisms who have evolved sapience (and thus culture, mythology) via silent infrared signaling instead of spoken language…

Aaron said no. He wanted to write a whole new story using some of the random tables and other content from The Rain Thieves.

The resulting mini-venture—our second ever, “Motes in the Eye“—is a gem. It both draws on and adds to The Rain Thieves. We hope you enjoy it.

This playable scenario features new art by Ethan Gould, the Radanaar map by Aaron H., layout and 3D design by Sunaree Paiwong, and additional writing by Wythe Marschall.

Thanks to Ian Derk for advice regarding deserts, and Vex and Jedd Cole for advice on the plot.

Thanks to Stephen Aubrey and Jedd Cole for their thorough edits.

And thanks to all of our playtesters, both of “Motes” and The Rain Thieves!

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