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Anthony Grasso and the creators of Stillfleet have teamed up to create the world’s greatest mutant cartoon animal TTRPG!

In Blister Critters by Anthony Grasso (Odd Gob Games) and the Stillfleet Studio, players take on the role of small animals known as Critters in a radiation-blasted, eco-apocalyptic Saturday-morning cartoon. Humans are gone just like the ozone layer, and the world they left behind is overflowing with danger!

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Blister Critters is an innovative and surreal game in which Critters wield bizarre mutations called Blisters and physics-bending Nonsense powers. These strange abilities—artfully developed using the Stillfleet Studio’s Grit System—will help you survive in a vast, cruel suburbia populated by fellow Critters and their feral counterparts, Beasts. Luckily, the humans left behind a near infinite amount of Stuff (game-mechanic term!) to arm yourself with, trade with other Critters, or hack apart and reassemble using Blister Critters’ intuitive crafting rules!

The Blister Critters Quickstart

Take on the role of animals known as Critters in a radiation-blasted, eco-apocalyptic Saturday-morning cartoon! Get the free Quickstart and dive into this innovative and surreal game. Use your bizarre mutations—Blisters—to survive in a vast, cruel suburbia populated by your fellow Critters and their feral counterparts, Beasts.

Once you dive in, creating a Critter is easy. Along with mind-blowing art by Anthony Grasso, the Blister Critters Rulebook features 66 different animals and—instead of traditional RPG classes—4 Blister paths (types of mutation) along with 10 cartoon Roles to play in your party. This fresh take on the Grit System by co-developer Wythe Marschall (Stillfleet) takes only minutes to learn and naturally facilitates epic story beats. In addition, Blister Critters introduces new, simple narrative rules for Catchphrases, Ad-Libs, and other zany, cartoon-show fun!

You’ll either die as a Critter or live long enough to see yourself become a Beast.

The Blister Critters Kickstarter campaign (launching February 6) will offer the Blister Critters Rulebook as well as the enhanced Blister Critters Boxed Set: a premium edition of the game including everything needed to play and enjoy Blister Critters for years after the world's demise!

“Blister Critters synthesizes so much that I love about TTRPGs. The game world is bonkers, but the cartoony/suburban tropes make it feel comfortably familiar. The mechanics are simple but also just complex enough to perfectly motivate zany Saturday morning post-apocalyptic adventures. The aesthetic is dynamic and electric, the rules are flexible, and the intersection of art and mechanics are guaranteed to supercharge your imagination.”
—Will Savino, Borough Bound and Music d20.

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