Why We Roll

Why We Roll is a streaming show and podcast about designing tabletop roleplaying games, hosted by Chris Pickett (Danse Macabre) and Wythe Marschall (Stillfleet).

Chris and Wythe host in-depth conversations with professional game designers with a focus on contemporary indie TTRPGs. They also occasionally run actual-play sessions and offer behind-the-scenes looks at the games they’re developing.

Topics covered to date include game-design inspirations and best practices, the politics of games, illustrating game concepts, cards as mechanics, character backstories, party formation, eco-catastrophes, epic powers and “boss fights,” espionage in games, faction rules, genres, “medieval” settings, hit points versus wounds, “madness” rules, safety at the table, solo RPGs, the OSR or even the NSR, what makes a game a game, what makes a system a system, product development, the business of indie RPGs, and so much more!

Why We Roll is recorded in Brooklyn and Queens, NYC.