The Sphere of [REDACTED]

An artifact of suspected Snakeman origin—the Sphere of Annihilation—has been stolen from the Archive, and the higher-ups need it retrieved ASAP and in a hush-hush manner.

In “The Sphere of [REDACTED]”—our 5th official mini-venture, funded by the successful 2022 Kickstarter for the Stillfleet Core Rulebook—the voidminers must track down the thief of a mysterious and powerful techno-relic previously held by the Archivists. Countless lives are at stake, but maybe not in the way that the players think.

The crime scene: an empty pedestal and a taunting limerick scrawled on a wall. The suspect: wetan banshee Burning Sky Barker. Little else is known, and that’s where the voidminers come in, as refactor Vlaad Aditrack puts together a team to retrieve the Sphere and bring the thief to justice. It all starts with investigating Burning Sky Barker’s apartment.

The situation quickly escalates, as the venture leads to fan-favorite location Graafa, “City of Envenomed Sands” on Kakudun—the very same city featured in the popular actual-play podcast Float City.

What was Burning Sky Barker’s motive? Did he act on his own? What’s the go-to drink for fungal space pyrates on a rare planet-side pit-stop? Answer these questions and more in this fast-paced manhunt, and prevent the Sphere from falling into the wrong hands…

This mini-venture features:

  • A full playable scenario
  • 3 quick encounters
  • 6 full encounters (including a full team of anti-voidminers)
  • Gulm ship map courtesy Czepeku Sci-Fi
  • Maps for Kakudun and Graafa
  • Forbidden Snakeman lore!

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