Worlds to explore

Gazetteers are setting sourcebooks for Stillfleet, full of rich lore and new rules.

In addition to core rules and ventures, we’re developing sourcebooks to extend the game in a number of ways. Pick up Ian Derk’s Qadida today, for example, and enter a cold war between the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters and a new anarcho-socialist state backed by the anti-capitalist Honourable Company… Plus, Qadida offers 4 new classes and 4 new playable species!


The espionage sourcebook for Stillfleet features 170 pages of new classes, species, advanced powers, an in-world introduction to the domed/divided dwarf planet (Co.-controlled Worshipful Qadida and anarcho-socialist Free Qadida), and two full-length ventures! Qadida lovingly yanks the Grit System into the genres of detective fiction, eco-horror, and cold-war intrigue.

Subtle Fluid

Subtle Fluid offers 37 pages of rules, lore, art, and plot hooks about nanotechnology—collected into an immaculately designed digest—that will add dangerous spice to your games of Stillfleet, or any other sci-fi RPG.

Books in development


This short book provides everything you need to run a low-power/high-zaniness version of Stillfleet set in a nanite-haunted mall on an artificial mall-moon populated by dinosaurs and all manner of alien visitors. Wretches includes a full “grinder” for randomly generating fun low-power characters—including vat gnomes, chromatic humans, and mulg (moldfolk)—as well as dozens of pulpy venture hooks.

Ruins × Monuments

This dual-sourcebook offers rules and lore regarding the ruins of Solspace outside of Terra as well as the monuments left behind by the Late Tephnians—those supposedly long-dead bogey-ancestors of today’s Terrans. Ruins × Monuments includes dozens of encounters, a variety of hulks for players to steal and fly around in, new rules for limitless use of the hell science, the secrets of the mi-go of Yuggoth, the culture of the noblefluencers of Tephnii, and of course gobs of archaetech (space junk, mantid biotech—we could go on).

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