Grim Harvest

It’s the end of the world, unless you can take control of the husk gnome ship’s HEME-REAPER…

For the first Stillfleet mini-venture, we were lucky to collaborate with the amazing hulk-designers over at Czepeku Sci-Fi—the sci-fi-themed, high-quality battle-map Patreon from the minds and digital pens of Czepeku.

The venture is a struggle to avert a doomsday, already in progress, brought on by the planet-mining of the astrobrutalist husk gnomes. The voidminers must board the ship—The Scythe Compiling—and find a way to stop the diminutive cyborgs before an entire province-world is deconstructed.

Check out “Grim Harvest” for:

  • Expectedly terrifying husk-gnome factoids (“lore”)
  • Memorably strange random husk gnome archaetech
  • Interloping void elf “documentarians”
  • An AI chimera
  • Rival husk-gnome factions
  • 2 full encounter blocks
  • New art by Peku and Ethan Gould
  • An epic plot!

All in only 9 pages!

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