Around the Dome

In this venture, you are contracted by the Nightwatch to complete an operation that could determine who is in power and what power looks like in Free Qadida.

“Around the Dome” is the Stillfleet Studio’s 6th official mini-venture as well as a 22-page preview of Qadida, the full-length gazetteer (setting sourcebook + venture) by Ian Derk.

Whether or not your group intends to run a spy-themed campaign in the domed city, this quick story—weaving across both Worshipful Qadida (run by the W.Co.) and Free Qadida (a fledgling anarcho-socialist state backed by H.Co.)—provides more than enough material for a fun, heart rate-raising venture.


  • A playable scenario with (at least) half a dozen possible outcomes
  • Rules for documentation status
  • Random checkpoint encounters
  • 7 complete espionage encounters from a range of factions
  • A full-page map of Qadida
  • A new playable class: the hook (a detective or spyhunter)
  • A timeline of the Worshipful Company’s involvement on Qadida
  • Bombs, hidden agendas, lies, and other spycraft

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