Stillfleet Cards Vol. 2 ☉ HULKRAWL

Build a derelict spaceship, one room at a time.

This deck of at least 52 fully illustrated Stillfleet reference cards consists of modular, detail-rich rooms within a techno-horrific hulk: a derelict spacecraft of Late Tephnian design, brimming with valuable and dangerous secrets—and perhaps a nanite-reanimated walker or mad AI or two…

One side of each card shows the module, with dots indicating the number of portals (entrances/exits). The other side offers GM tools such as archaetech, encounters, unique environmental threats, dialogue, and even venture hooks related to the module.

We can’t wait to run crawls through a randomly generated hulk!

We are currently developing the HULKRAWL cards. For updates, please enquire on Discord.

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