A new espionage-themed setting + new rules…

Take Stillfleet and the Grit System into a world of intrigue, assassination, and warfare that is quiet, cold, and high-stakes for the entire network of worlds exploited by the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters.

What happens when a rival organization—the anarchic Honourable Company—finally takes power from the Worshipful Company? Can half of a domed city on a dwarf planet survive alone? Is Free Qadida slipping into authoritarianism, or is that just more Worshipful Co. propaganda? Find out in Qadida: Spy Planet! (Successfully backed on Kickstarter in the summer of 2023!)

This 170-page book features an in-world introduction to the domed/divided dwarf planet, new rules, in-depth backgrounds on the two halves of the dome (Co.-controlled Worshipful Qadida and anarcho-socialist Free Qadida), a special format-busting section on the hell science-haunted demilitarized zone called The Span (think Roadside Picnic/Stalker) , and two full-length espionage-filled ventures with new encounter blocks.

Illustrated with characteristic lush abandon by Ethan Gouldini, Qadida lovingly yanks the Grit System into the Venn-diagrammed genres of detective fiction, environmental horror, and cold-war intrigue. If you’re looking for a fresh take on these themes, Qadida will scratch your itch and enhance your games. Get it today—but don’t tell the Man a damn thing. 😎

Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers in 2023! We couldn’t have written or published this book without your support and input.

mongrel seraat, by Ethan Gould

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