Subtle Fluid

Get rules for the blooder class (the nanite warlock) and its nanofluidics powers—those that require “the Blood”—powerful Late Tephnian nanorobots suspended in plasma…

Subtle Fluid offers 37 pages of rules, art by Ethan Gould, and hooks about nanotechnology—collected into a single zine, immaculately designed by Erich Lazar—that will add dangerous spice to your games of Stillfleet, or any other sci-fi RPG.

Inside the PDF:

  • Rules for the blooder class in Stillfleet—these nanite warlocks are still capable of manipulating Terra's self-assembling mist…
  • Names and other character details for sleepers (the humans most likely to become blooders)
  • The full list of 39 nanofluidics powers—including spew, cloud, boneless, and many other strange and memorable abilities
  • The Blood—rules for many types of dangerous nano-juice
  • Nanobioelectric tattoos that allow non-blooders to access nanofluidics (for a price)…
  • 30+ nanotech items—from faceshape to mirrorskin
  • Tons of new art to bring more of the bizarrely grim-zany universe of Stillfleet to life
  • “The Sea of Our Origins”—nanotech and the human body! This section offers insight into what really happens when you use nanotech, provide a list of nanotech “foods” and “drinks,” and include more details on the bloodmadness often experienced by sleepers
  • The Blood Supply Catalogue™—the culture of nanotech: these 5000-year old magazine centerfolds offer cryopods for sale, parasitic nanofamiliars, and wraithlike servos…
  • Two venture hooks focused on nanotech—including random encounters and locations
  • Rules for walkers (roamers, lurkers, biters…)—the dead, animated again by the ravening nanorobots within their veins
  • Conversion tips for d20 RPGs—run nanofluidics as a unique spell list!

Subtle Fluid was Kickstarted in 24 hours for ZineQuest 3. Thanks to all of our amazing backers! We couldn't have created this without your support and input.

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