The Blister Critters Boxed Set

Discover your inner cartoon-self!

The Blister Critters Boxed Set includes everything for your first episode and seasons to come:

  • The Blister Critters Rulebook – 100 pages of professionally written, edited, and designed mutant cartoon mayhem
  • The Tons-o-Stuff Mega-Poster – a gorgeous, double-sided compilation of the relics of humanity (useful game items called Stuff), beautifully rendered, with stats
  • The Blister Critters Booster Pack – 48 poker-sized, CCG-like/poké-styled versions of Beasts and Bliffs that will spark fun when you whip them out
  • Blister Stickers – who doesn't want a full sheet of mutant cartoon animal stickers?
  • Blister Critters dice – d4, d6 × 2, d8 × 2, d10, and d12 in brain-bending Blister colors

Finally, play as a cartoon animal in a way that feels both narratively and mechanically intuitive. Blister Critters combines the best aspects of roleplaying: the gnarly—the bestial and high-stakes—with the zany—the mutant, cartoony, and nostalgic.

Both new and veteran RPG players love this intuitive, zany, infectiously fun game! Reserve your Boxed Set and:

  • Dive right into an animal adventure!
  • Pick up the game's intuitive mechanics in minutes
  • Get everything you need to play in one box
  • Take control of a strangely familiar world
  • Turn eco-anxiety into a story with friends

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