The Nocturnal Lights

Meet Agent Yoriffo Dijkgraaf and his “standard science diplomacy”…

This sci-fi detective homage, originally written for spooky season 2022, was inspired by everyone’s favorite 1990s show about paranormal investigations. “The Nocturnal Lights”—by our lead editor, Stephen Aubrey—sends the voidminers to a remote rock to check out rumors of a mysterious visitation… Also, there are lots of jalasti (salamanderoids) around.

Interesting bits contained in this short playable scenario:

  • An unforgettable (perhaps strangely familiar) key NPC
  • Lots of jalasti scientists
  • “Wolves”
  • Space agriculture
  • Cool map
  • List of rooms on Station x-1013
  • Did we mention a whole bunch of jalasti?
  • Rules clarifications regarding stiffworks and Late Tephnian “shards”

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