The Voice Beneath the Meer

A drowned tyrant, an enchanted child, & ye steely eyed star-rijders

Our fourth official mini-venture (MV)—the fully designed, map-driven “The Voice Beneath the Meer”—takes the voidminers to a sleepy/swampy county on the medieval province of Pays, where something odd is stirring beside the great Mukoth Meer.

Intended as an adjustably horrific story in a low-(cosmic-)fantasy setting, “Voice” comes with a heavy warning regarding mind control and ideas about how to run the venture otherwise.

Additionally, GMs and loreheads can simply run with the old-school TTRPG setting of Comté Bannanwyk! The mini-venture contains several maps and random tables related to:

  • Locations in the county
  • Its (modest) capital fort-city
  • A sample manor “haunted” by nanite-reanimated corpses…

Other content to enjoy:

  • Ancient, long-sunken archaetech
  • 3 full unique encounters, including the dread voidling or world-ghost
  • More amazing art by Ethan Gould!
  • All of the lore to-date regarding the province-world of Pays
  • Haunted forest locations
  • Random moon generator

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