Robot Hospital is an addictive trick-taking game for all ages

A new card game set in the Stillfleet game-cosmos: it’s Crazy Eights meets Gin Rummy meets your favorite metal-people—with a few surprises!

A decade ago, the Stillfleet Studio’s banshee (tech specialist), Aaron H., designed the mechanics behind Robot Hospital to teach his kids how to play games that involved strategy. We love it, and we’re proud to bring it to the world today.

  • Take on the role of a Robot Doctor working to rebuild your robot patients from piles of parts.
  • Complete beautifully designed robots, scoring different points for each.
  • Use special procedure and upgrade cards like bubble matrix and chromagrapple to alter the flow of play, poaching parts from other Bot Docs!
  • Easy to pick up—learn as you play!

Robot Hospital will be printed in 2024.

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