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A GM-less/all-GM game about giant crabs from Pluto

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be one aspect of a mycelial network? Do you enjoy "flipped dungeons" where you play as the villains? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions—and even if you didn't—you will probably love Yuggothi Confidential! Or at least part of you will! Because who among us is merely one thing and not also its opposites, its inchoate potentialities-otherwise? Amirite!?

You are all—collectively—one mi-go, or sapient fungus from Pluto.

Your body plan roughly resembles that of a Terran crab, although you are also adorned with many biologically manufactured technical bits and bobs, and you normally reside inside a spaceship that looks like a dented bubble dipped in snot.

“You” are not, however, one mind, but a holobiont: an assemblage of fungal networks, technical apparatus, datasets, and linked organic and inorganic servitors…

In this game, each player controls one function of the mi-go’s totality. The functions work together toward a common goal, but each should fight for her own priorities and act in her own distinct style. Functions are encouraged to disagree: the rules provide a simple mechanism for resolving disagreement.

You do not need a GM for this game, as the GM functions can be distributed.

This is not a roleplaying game (RPG) about combat or heroism, loot-stacking or princess-saving, but the quest for knowledge—unmoored from human weakness, unaccustomed to human morality—and the politics of decision-making.

NOTE: this is a truly weird game! We wrote it as a one-off mini-game for Stillfleet, but we think it is fun in its own right. (And the mi-go are also star bad-dudes in other science-horror RPGs.)

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