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The blooder: nanotechnology for Stillfleet & other sci-fi RPGs

Subtle Fluid offers 37 pages of rules, art by Ethan Gould, and hooks about nanotechnology—collected into a single zine, immaculately designed by Erich Lazar—that will add dangerous spice to your games of Stillfleet, or any other sci-fi RPG.

Inside the PDF:

  • Rules for the blooder class—these nanite warlocks are still capable of manipulating Terra's self-assembling mist…
  • Names and other character details for sleepers (the humans most likely to become blooders)
  • The full list of 39 nanofluidics powers—including spew, cloud, boneless, and many other strange and memorable abilities
  • The Blood—rules for many types of dangerous nano-juice
  • Nanobioelectric tattoos that allow non-blooders to access nanofluidics (for a price)…
  • 30+ nanotech items—from faceshape to mirrorskin
  • Tons of new art to bring more of the bizarrely grim-zany universe of Stillfleet to life
  • “The Sea of Our Origins”—nanotech and the human body! This section offers insight into what really happens when you use nanotech, provide a list of nanotech “foods” and “drinks,” and include more details on the bloodmadness often experienced by sleepers
  • The Blood Supply Catalogue™—the culture of nanotech: these 5000-year old magazine centerfolds offer cryopods for sale, parasitic nanofamiliars, and wraithlike servos… 
  • Two mini-ventures focused on nanotech—including random encounters and locations
  • Rules for walkers (roamers, lurkers, biters…)—the dead, animated again by the ravening nanorobots within their veins
  • Conversion tips for d20 RPGs—run nanofluidics as a unique spell list!

Subtle Fluid was Kickstarted in 24 hours. Thanks to all of our amazing backers! We couldn't have created this without your support and input.

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