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Venture up, out, and through!

Reloading this page will generate a new, random, playable 1st-level character, complete with powers and gear.

Wetan Tremulant level 1

Rankstillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −B

You are a leering competitive eater from Spindle. You were trained as a Co. hell scientist. You were tortured for years by the Archivists in order to allow you to control the Weird. Secretly, you desire revenge against a single person who did you a terrible wrong. What did they do to cause the vivid nightmares that haunt you? What is your plan to get revenge?

LanguagesSpin, Rasp, and Malteni

ScoresCOM d4
MOV d12+1
REA d8
WIL d10
CHA d8
HEA 17 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 22 [maxREA+maxWIL+maxCHA-maxCOM]
DR 2 [gear]



  • Arthropod (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 MOV. [already included]

  • Mandibles, spiracles, etc. (permanent) – You can metabolize a much greater range of chemicals than hominins, only a few of which are cognizable to humans as “food.” You thus spend less on equipage during venture outlay (you just carry around some rotting fungusbark and human-urine energy shots). You effectively make back an extra 25 voidguilders with each venture. (Standard venture pay is your level × 25.) This power doesn’t help at game start.

  • Somnolent sawharp legs (standard) – Burn 4X GRT and roll CHA; X targets roll WIL. For each target, if your result is equal to or greater than hers, you put her into a light, trancelike sleep for maxCHA rounds, if she wasn’t hostile (attacking you). To lull X hostile beings to sleep, burn 4X GRT and roll CHA; they resist with advantage (rolling WIL twice and taking the best result).


  • Control hell science (varies, typically standard) – Thanks to excruciating years of that terrible esoteric training called the “hell science” by the Archivists, you can control the Weird. You begin play with 3 hell science powers, all from one of the 6 paths [already included]. Each time you gain a level, you can gain 2 more hell science powers, of which at least one must be on your path. Almost all hell science powers cost relatively large amounts of GRT to use. Using a hell science power requires a few seconds of concentration. The psyonic equivalent of COM is REA, unless otherwise stated. When you psychically attack someone, your opponent rolls WIL instead of MOV to resist (to mentally “dodge”). N.B., most people tend to be very suspicious of other people who can bend timespace simply by thinking.

  • Call Weird (standard, usable once per day) – When you let your brain do what it wants to do, strange things happen… Burn d3 HEA. You gain one die-worth of GRT, with the die-type dependent on your level: You roll a d3 at 1st level, a d4 at 2nd, d6 at 4th, d8 at 6th, d10 at 8th, d12 at 10th, d20 at 12th, d30 at 14th, 4d8 at 16th, 5d8 at 18th, and 8d8 at 20th. Calling Weird does not require a particularly quiet environment, nor must your hands be free, but you must be awake and able to focus. Whenever you call Weird, you suddenly appear very weird to everyone around you: Your skin appears discolored or slimy; you smell like ozone or rotting figs; your hair stands on end and emits a pale blue-gray glow, etc. This gives you away, if you are pretending to be someone you are not—especially if you are pretending not to be a tremulant!

  • Drain (ten-minute, usable once per day) – Drain your dWIL +your level GRT from another sapient within 3 M. This sapient does not feel anything; her GRT simply flows to you. This takes ten minutes and does not require a quiet environment.

  • Memorize (ten-minute/free) – In addition to weaving the Weird in real-time, you may prepare hell science powers in advance by “memorizing” them in order to unleash them later. To memorize a power, set aside the grit that it costs; this GRT is unavailable to you until you use it, after which you may recover it normally. Memorizing a power takes ten minutes; casting a memorized power is always a free action, regardless of the listed casting time. This means that, at a high GRT cost, you can use more than one hell science power per round.

Hell Science

  • Haunt (standard) – Burn 2X GRT: you can remotely touch, manipulate, and attack things from a distance of up to 1 million km per level for X rounds. You must be able to visualize a target in order to strike it. Attacks are resolved normally, but you can’t be hit back except using Weird powers.

  • Hurl through (standard) – Burn X GRT: you translate 10X Kg of objects and/or entities across dimensions, into or out of the Escheresque, safely. You cannot choose the safe destination on the other side unless you can concretely picture it. That said, the destination will not automatically kill living cargo, regardless of Escheresque nausea, e.g.

  • Swap fate (free) – Burn 3 GRT: you take someone else’s failure as your own. You fail your action this round (or don’t take an action), and someone else rerolls with a chance to succeed.


You sweat petrol.



  • Bow, long (2 clank) – d8 damage. 200-M range. Two-handed. 24 gl.

  • Broken mi-go nerve sling (2 bug) – d6-1 damage (minimum 1). 30-M range. 50 gl. but only of interest to an Archivist.


  • Riot gear or well-made bone or shell armor (2 clank) – DR 2 [already included]. -1 to non-dodge MOV checks. 15 gl.


  • Attractor beacon (2 force) – Universal ping. Comes with 4 charges. Burn one charge to summon all nearby hostile aliens to this point for 4 hours. 75 gl.

  • Some shit you’ve found, potentially useful – Bronze canteen in the shape of a squirrel, dehydrated mushrooms, dehydrated chewing-crickets. 5 gl.

  • Oddment – Case full of 9 lobotomized brainrats.

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 12