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Venture up, out, and through!

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Provincial (Kavaraaq) Tremulant level 1

Rankstillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −B

You are a wise-seeming mafioso from Kavaraat. You were trained as a Co. hell scientist. You were tortured for years by the Archivists in order to allow you to control the Weird. Secretly, you lived for years deep in the Dormant Bays, beneath the Company's room-blobs. What did you see down there? What did you have to do to stay alive?

LanguagesSpin and read the glyphs of the grey Tetra-solarian aliens

ScoresCOM d4
MOV d12
REA d10
WIL d8+1
CHA d8+1
HEA 16 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 24 [maxREA+maxWIL+maxCHA-maxCOM]
DR 1 [gear]



  • Different gravity back home (permanent) – You gain a +1 bonus to all non-Weird rolls related to health—resisting disease, fighting poison, not falling asleep when you don’t want to, etc. This does not help with resisting Weird forms of mind control.

  • Gladhander, palmgreaser, climber (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 CHA. [already included]

  • Kavaraat (homeworld) – Bizarrely unbound from time, this world sports a human province superimposed onto a paleolithic human society as well as a hostile alien civilization. The province is medieval—until you fall forward or backward through one of the infamous Kavaraaq “timeslips.” You speak Spin and one other language: choose to either fluently bark the proto-language of apes and monkeys or to read the glyphs of the grey Tetrasolarian aliens. (You are not able to communicate in Tetrasolarian without visual symbols, however.)

  • Subject of empire (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 WIL. [already included]


  • Control hell science (varies, typically standard) – Thanks to excruciating years of that terrible esoteric training called the “hell science” by the Archivists, you can control the Weird. You begin play with 3 hell science powers, all from one of the 6 paths [already included]. Each time you gain a level, you can gain 2 more hell science powers, of which at least one must be on your path. Almost all hell science powers cost relatively large amounts of GRT to use. Using a hell science power requires a few seconds of concentration. The psyonic equivalent of COM is REA, unless otherwise stated. When you psychically attack someone, your opponent rolls WIL instead of MOV to resist (to mentally “dodge”). N.B., most people tend to be very suspicious of other people who can bend timespace simply by thinking.

  • Drain (ten-minute, usable once per day) – Drain your dWIL +your level GRT from another sapient within 3 M. This sapient does not feel anything; her GRT simply flows to you. This takes ten minutes and does not require a quiet environment.

  • Feel Weird (standard) – If you suspect someone is using the hell science or near you (or on you!), you may take a few moments, burn 2 GRT, and call for a WIL/perceive check: if you make the check, you learn some general information about the nature of the Weirdness happening currently. You don’t necessarily learn who is causing this Weirdness, but you learn what is going on, in broad terms.

  • Memorize (ten-minute/free) – In addition to weaving the Weird in real-time, you may prepare hell science powers in advance by “memorizing” them in order to unleash them later. To memorize a power, set aside the grit that it costs; this GRT is unavailable to you until you use it, after which you may recover it normally. Memorizing a power takes ten minutes; casting a memorized power is always a free action, regardless of the listed casting time. This means that, at a high GRT cost, you can use more than one hell science power per round.

Hell Science

  • Dance with the black star (standard) – Burn 12 +X GRT: you seduce an Old One into not killing you and possibly helping you. Roll dREA +dCHA +X. If the result is 12 or higher, the Old One doesn’t kill you immediately; if you attack it, it kills you. If the result is 20 or higher, the Old One helps you fulfill one reasonable request. It now has one hold against you. At any point in the future, it can appear, anywhere, to call in its hold and require you to do some bizarre, gnarly, probably bloody and highly illegal thing. If you refuse, the Old One kills you. Or you can use this power to try to seduce it again, giving it another hold against you…

  • Jinx (standard) – Burn 7 GRT and choose one target whom you can see: the target is cursed at the level of quantum probability; everything the target attempts to do is saddled with a −d12 penalty. Jinx lasts one hour, but you can extend the duration X hours by burning Xd6 additional GRT. Jinxed targets feel horrible all the time but don’t know why unless you explain.

  • Terrify/broadcast terror (standard) – Burn 8 GRT: you seriously scare one sapient or quasi-sapient organism or machine for a number of hours equal to your level. Terrified beings are reduced to basic survival instincts. They are terrible at everything except running away from you and from all other potential sources of danger. If a terrified being attempts to do anything except flee, she suffers a −12 (not −d12) to every roll. Terrified beings actively run away from you. To terrify multiple targets, burn 6 +X GRT: you terrify X sapient or quasi-sapient organisms or machines for a number of rounds equal to your level +X. Mass-terrified beings are bad at everything except running away. If a mass-terrified being attempts to do anything except flee, she suffers a −d12 (not −12) to every roll.


A rival hell scientist wants you dead, erased, spaced.



  • Crossbow, hand (2 clank) – d6 damage. 10-M range. Concealable like a pistol. 35 gl.

  • Slingshot, 3 stone(s) (1 clank) – d4 damage. 25-M range. 1 gl.


  • Rhino-squid leather armor with malachite studs (2 clank) – DR 1. You gain a +2 bonus to CHA/intimidate checks. 40 gl.


  • Environment suit (envirosuit), standard (5 clank) – Allows for 12 hours of vacuum travel. Standard envirosuits are punctured whenever you take damage and must be patched. Repair kits come with the suit. Repairs take 1 round and require a normal (6) REA check. 40 gl.

  • Shipdeg – Common eyeless albino futuredogs are beloved by children and wetans. Adult humans loathe and prefer to eat them. COM d4, MOV d6, REA 1, WIL d4, CHA d4, HEA 10, GRT 1. Shipdegs can bite for 2 damage or intimidate using a d8 instead of a d4. 50 gl.

  • Oddment – Magnifying glass for an alien species.

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 15