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Venture up, out, and through!

Reloading this page will generate a new, random, playable 1st-level character, complete with powers and gear.

Pepper elf Razi level 1

Rankstillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −A double-prime

You are a well-mannered philosopher from Guildship 116. You were trained as a Co. pathfinder. Your job is to use your knowledge of exoplanets and specialist military training to complete the venture as contracted, and to protect the venture’s acting factor, banshee, witness, and other voidminers in that order of importance. Secretly, you are in love with a high-ranking and dangerous Company official. Who is this person? Are they as venal and self-interested as most Co. potentates, or are they the exception that proves the rule?

LanguagesSpin and Elf Machina

ScoresCOM d10
MOV d8
REA d12+1
WIL d8
CHA d4
HEA 18 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 21 [maxREA+maxWIL]
DR 0 [no armor]



  • Environmental resistance (permanent) – You don’t have to breathe air, and you can withstand the wild temperature and pressure swings of the vacuum. You cannot survive strong acid, lava, astral hydrogen plasma, etc., any more than any other species.

  • Laser vision (standard) – Stare at a target and burn 4 GRT: you take 2 HEA damage; your target takes dWIL (your WIL) +your level HEA damage. Your target does not get to dodge. Every time you use this power, your non-pepper elf colleagues become slightly more suspicious of you.

  • Rationally designed (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 REA. [already included]


  • Track (standard/day) – You work to either follow the trail of a single entity, or locate any single entity of interest, sans clues. An entity can be a specific person or a non-specific location. Burn 3 GRT for an easy target (clues exist, and the thing you are trying to track is not hiding from you), 5 for a difficult target (clues don’t exist, or the target is hiding from you), and 7 for a near-impossible one (clues don’t exist, and the target is hiding from you). Roll a REA check; if you succeed, you succeed. If not, you can burn more GRT and try again tomorrow. N.B., track is the physical equivalent of the pir’s augury: You can track down anything within reason, planetside. Hulkside, you can use this power, but only if some minimal clue exists; also, GRT costs are doubled (6 for a non-hiding target; 10 for a hiding one).

  • Perfect shot (free) – Your called shot deals an additional amount of damage equal to your level, and you can make two called-shot attacks per round, although you still must pay the grit cost for each. At 10th level, you can make three called shots in the same round, paying for each. Note, you can make a backstab a called shot (see below), but you may still only make one backstab, when you have surprise, after two rounds (one round to aim, one to attack).

  • Slay (free) – When you successfully hit a target, you can burn 6 GRT and roll dCOM again: if you get a 6 or higher, you can choose to kill the target outright. If you slay more than one opponent per day, make a dWIL check: if you fail to get a 6 or higher, you lose 20 -dWIL GRT and are visibly shaken. Exception to the norm for double tap.

  • Tame (standard/day) – You work to either tame an alien creature or to find and then tame one. If you’re already near an alien beast (not an intelligent being), you can burn 2 GRT as a standard power to calm it so that at least it won’t eat you. You may then burn 8 additional GRT and spend the rest of the day working with it, in several hour-long stretches, to make it your loyal pet. If you are not already near a beast, you can burn 2 GRT and spend 3d4 hours searching to find a beast to tame. Taming it requires an additional 8 GRT and another hour of hard work. This power works planetside and hulkside, but hulkside “beasts” are often so dangerous that this power has little effect other than to momentarily distract them. (GM’s discretion—the point is, you can’t have a pet xenoglade.)



  • Javelin (1 clank) – d6 damage. 80-M range. Can be used as a melee weapon for d4+1 damage. 6 gl.

  • Pistol, pepperbox. 32-caliber, four-barreled (3 clank) – d8 damage. 5-M range. You can attack up to 4 times per round. Whenever you have attacked 4 times, you are out of bullets and must spend one round reloading. 50 gl.


  • None – No damage reduction (DR).


  • Attractor beacon (2 force) – Universal ping. Comes with 7 charges. Burn one charge to summon all nearby hostile aliens to this point for 2 hours. 55 gl.

  • Some shit you’ve found, potentially useful – 72 shots of blindingly strong grain alcohol in a red plastic container labeled “COURAGE” in a language you don’t know. 5 gl.

  • Oddment – Crate of electrolyte-water, X-treme Calamansi flavor.

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 5