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Venture up, out, and through!

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Conscript Tremulant level 1

Rankstillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −A

You are a party-hardy Directorate intern from Terra. You were trained as a Co. hell scientist. You were tortured for years by the Archivists in order to allow you to control the Weird.

LanguagesSpin, Tharn–Ziru

ScoresCOM d4
MOV d12
REA d8
WIL d8+1
CHA d10
HEA 16 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 23 [maxREA+maxWIL+maxCHA-maxCOM]
DR 1 [gear]



  • Corrupted psyker neurome (standard) – Burn d6 GRT and roll CHA. Your target rolls WIL. If your result is equal to or greater than hers, you quickly read her thoughts or at least establish communication - if this being is distant, resistant, alien, extradimensional, etc.). You have a migraine for at least an hour and are not happy.

    You may use this power a number of times per day equal to your level +2.

  • Earthlings never give up (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 WIL. [already included]


  • Control hell science (varies, typically standard) – Thanks to excruciating years of that terrible esoteric training called the “hell science” by the Archivists, you can control the Weird. You begin play with 3 hell science powers, all from one of the 6 paths [already included]. Each time you gain a level, you can gain 2 more hell science powers, of which at least one must be on your path. Almost all hell science powers cost relatively large amounts of GRT to use. Using a hell science power requires a few seconds of concentration. The psyonic equivalent of COM is REA, unless otherwise stated. When you psychically attack someone, your opponent rolls WIL instead of MOV to resist (to mentally “dodge”). N.B., most people tend to be very suspicious of other people who can bend timespace simply by thinking.

  • Drain (ten-minute, usable once per day) – Drain your dWIL +your level GRT from another sapient within 3 M. This sapient does not feel anything; her GRT simply flows to you. This takes ten minutes and does not require a quiet environment.

  • Memorize (ten-minute/free) – In addition to weaving the Weird in real-time, you may prepare hell science powers in advance by “memorizing” them in order to unleash them later. To memorize a power, set aside the grit that it costs; this GRT is unavailable to you until you use it, after which you may recover it normally. Memorizing a power takes ten minutes; casting a memorized power is always a free action, regardless of the listed casting time. This means that, at a high GRT cost, you can use more than one hell science power per round.

  • Phase (free) – Burn d20 −dMOV +X GRT, where X is greater than 0, and choose one of the effects below. Whenever you phase, you suddenly appear very weird to everyone around you.
    • Blink – You move 10X M in the direction of your choice. If you choose to move into a living being, you destroy it but suffer 5X HEA physical and 2X GRT mental damage in the process. You also end up covered in gross bits.

    • Decorporealize – For 2X rounds, you remain visible but become insubstantial: HEA damage directed against you is turned against your attacker instead; GRT damage is attenuated by −X.

    • Overmirror – You spawn X copies of yourself. For the next X rounds, including this one, these copies may act on your initiative, including right now, in whatever manner you wish. At the end of the Xth round, they blink out of existence, and you take X HEA damage.

Hell Science

  • Command quasisapes (standard) – Burn 6 GRT and name a group of visible not-quite-sapient beings (butler-robots, skull-faced blue munkeys, vine-sharks, e.g.) within 100 M: for a number of minutes equal to your level, you completely control these organisms. If you burn an additional d6 GRT, the duration of your control is measured in hours instead of minutes. Every round, as a group, your organisms can attack or defend. Their COM, damage, and special effects, if any, are determined by their type: venomous snakes do 1 damage but can kill within minutes; a fleet of acid-sea turtles can probably do 1 or absorb 1 damage per round; etc. The organisms follow commands as they are able to. When your command lapses, the quasisapes neither disappear nor die, but keep doing what they are doing; if running away or attacking, they keep doing so. They do not defend you, however.

  • Dive deep (hour) – At no cost, when you spend more than an hour being physically intimate with someone—whether making love or torturing them—you can learn their secrets. Roll dCHA +your level. On a 12 or higher, you know all of their deepest secrets, what makes them most vulnerable, whom they love, and what they fear. On a 6–11 pick one line of inquiry to learn about. On a 2–5, you simply establish a relationship with this person without learning any secrets. Unless you roll a 1, the target cannot resist you and does not realize that you’ve used the Weird on them.

  • Link thoughts (standard) – Burn 2d4 GRT: you gain Weird telepathy with every sapient in sight for a number of minutes equal to your level. You can continue the telepathic conversation after this point by burning 1 GRT per minute. You can decide who is able to speak to whom; you are the switchboard. There is no limit to sapient participants, but you must be able to sense all of them, and they must be physically near to you or else visible to you via look beyond or some other remote-sensation power. This power does not let you speak with non-sapients (plants, rocks) or ultrasapients (cthulhicate aliens from other dimensions, hyper-advanced warmachine AIs); the power think with allows a hell scientist to mentally speak with these beings.


A rival hell scientist wants you dead, erased, spaced.



  • Bolas (1 clank) – d2 damage. 15-M range. If your target fails to hit, she must make another MOV check against 6 or trip and fall prone. 1 gl.

  • Longsword (2 clank) – d10 damage. 40 gl.

  • Pistol, horse. 69-caliber ball, flintlock (3 clank) – 2d10 damage. 25-M range. After you have attacked once, you must spend one round reloading. 75 gl.


  • Provincial livery, e.g., saurianhide, tooth-studded bark, bone, shell, gambeson (2 clank) – DR 1 [already included]. Looks fresh. 20 gl.


  • Environment suit (envirosuit), standard (5 clank) – Allows for 12 hours of vacuum travel. Standard envirosuits are punctured whenever you take damage and must be patched. Repair kits come with the suit. Repairs take 1 round and require a normal (6) REA check. 40 gl.

  • Some shit you’ve found, potentially useful – Waterskin (empty), wineskin (full), granola bars (13), tube of algae-based sunscreen, box of choco-donettes (2 left). 5 gl.

  • Oddment – Letter from a director (could be used for blackmail).

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 10