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Venture up, out, and through!

Reloading this page will generate a new, random, playable 1st-level character, complete with powers and gear.

Wetan Mouse level 1

Rankstillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −D

You are a paranoid parent from Calarash. You are a lost orphan, a kid, a stowaway hiding inside a half-mapped-out hulk.

LanguagesSpin, Rasp, and Chessenais

ScoresCOM d6
MOV d10+1
REA d12
WIL d6
CHA d8
HEA 17 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 19 [maxMOV+maxCHA]
DR 2 [gear]



  • Arthropod (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 MOV. [already included]

  • Mandibles, spiracles, etc. (permanent) – You can metabolize a much greater range of chemicals than hominins, only a few of which are cognizable to humans as “food.” You thus spend less on equipage during venture outlay (you just carry around some rotting fungusbark and human-urine energy shots). You effectively make back an extra 25 voidguilders with each venture. (Standard venture pay is your level × 25.) This power doesn’t help at game start.

  • Somnolent sawharp legs (standard) – Burn 4X GRT and roll CHA; X targets roll WIL. For each target, if your result is equal to or greater than hers, you put her into a light, trancelike sleep for maxCHA rounds, if she wasn’t hostile (attacking you). To lull X hostile beings to sleep, burn 4X GRT and roll CHA; they resist with advantage (rolling WIL twice and taking the best result).


  • Con (standard) – Burn 4 GRT and tell a lie: everyone believes it, no check required. This is not a weird power and won’t work forever, if the lie is unreasonable or can be disproved, but it will allow you to fool anyone briefly.

  • Rat out (once-per-venture) – Whenever your group reports back to your refactor after a venture, you can submit your own memo without your teammates noticing. If you do so, choose to either say nothing of importance or reveal something that at least one of the other PCs did not want to report back to the Co. If you reveal nothing of great importance, you simply gain an additional 25 gl as a minor reward. If you rat out one or more of your fellows, however, you gain a 200 + (your level ×25) gl reward and a closer connection with your refactor: she offers you secret side ventures and lends you archaetech items, etc. But now you must rat out the others each time you report back or suffer a loss of rank, the suspicions of your overseers, and possible prison time, etc. The other PCs can never catch you in the act of turning in a memo, but they can uncover your deceit by other means.

  • Vanish (free) – Once per round, you may simply disappear. Burn 7 GRT: you vanish into the air or void around you, undetectable by anyone except through the use of Weird powers, no matter how implausible this seems. Simply describe what happens in detail. N.B., this power does not count as a standard action and can be used once per round in addition to attacking or parrying (etc.).

  • Whine for help (passive) – When another PC spends a standard action to aid you, you gain a +X bonus to whatever you’re doing, where X is equal to your level.



  • Steak knife (1 clank) – d3 damage. No value

  • Dao (2 clank) – d8 damage. 25 gl.

  • Hammer, thrown (1 clank) – d3 damage. 10-M range. 1 gl.


  • Riot gear or well-made bone or shell armor (2 clank) – DR 2 [already included]. -1 to non-dodge MOV checks. 15 gl.


  • Drysuit (3 clank) – Drygills allow marine sapients to breathe in dry atmos. A suit, with built-in gill, protects an entire body from drying out. 45 gl.

  • Environment suit (envirosuit), standard (5 clank) – Allows for 12 hours of vacuum travel. Standard envirosuits are punctured whenever you take damage and must be patched. Repair kits come with the suit. Repairs take 1 round and require a normal (6) REA check. 40 gl.

  • Some shit you’ve found, potentially useful – Soap, chalk, tinderbox, “thieves’ picks,” 1 undamaged plastic walkie-talkie. 5 gl.

  • Venturer’s pack (1 clank) – Rations, water, glowsticks, torches, hemp rope, first aid kit—enough of each for one venture lasting up to 24 hours. 5 gl.

  • Oddment – The Offal That Time Is: a miniature polyforge that can only create candy-coated chewing gum.

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 5