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Venture up, out, and through!

Reloading this page will generate a new, random, playable 1st-level character, complete with powers and gear.

Fleeter Snakehead level 1

Rankstillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −C

You are a garrulous traveler from Spindle. You are a self-taught hell scientist—somehow capable of touching the Weird without the careful manipulations of the Archivists. Quite possibly, you were granted your powers by an ultrasapient patron of some kind—a cthulhicate entity from the deep void, an unearthed and insane Late Tephnian warmachine, or an utterly unfathomable extradimensional being from the Escheresque.

LanguagesSpin and Rasp (phrases)

ScoresCOM d6
MOV d6
REA d10+1
WIL d12
CHA d8
HEA 12 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 20 [maxWIL+maxCHA]
DR 2 [gear]



  • Arkheion access (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 REA. [already included]

  • Company soul (permanent) – You gain +125 voidguilder at start. [already included]

  • "Modern" (permanent) – You gain a +1 bonus on rolls related to clank-, code-, or force-stratum tech.

  • Voidborn (permanent) – Whenever the GM requires you to roll a WIL check because something in space is scary, you gain a +1 to the roll and don’t appear as phased as the other non-Fleeter characters. This does not apply to Escheresque nausea.


  • Evoke (special/free) – Hell science is the evolution of consciousness—the merger of the human imagination with physical reality. Hell scientists use their imaginations to sculpt timespace. Thanks to some terrible mutation, you can control the Weird. You can use hell science powers that you don’t even know about. Instead of using a Weird power you actually understand (that is, using the power channel hell science, below), name the power you want to use. Then, as a free action, burn d20 GRT and make a WIL check. If you succeed, you may use the power as described, paying the associated GRT cost. Also, your eyes glow, your breath mists with electrified blood, and so forth. If you fail, you don’t lose your action for the round (trying is a free action), but you do lose the d20 GRT. Note: using a power once does not teach you how to safely do so again!

  • Channel hell science (varies, typically standard) – You begin play with 2 hell science powers, chosen freely from any of the 6 paths [already included]. Each time you gain a level, you can gain 1 more hell science power. Almost all hell science powers cost GRT to use. The psyonic equivalent of COM is REA, unless otherwise stated. When you psychically attack someone, your opponent rolls WIL instead of MOV to resist (to mentally “dodge”). N.B., most people tend to be very suspicious of other people who can bend timespace simply by thinking.

  • Stand (standard) – You spend a round concentrating on your innerself—your stand. Your id takes charge; your desires are made vivid; your dream-quintessence becomes a waking reality: burn X GRT and describe your stand. It is typically huge and vile. You are now your stand, doubled on top of your non-stand ego-self, for as long as you have GRT. Your stand has advantage on unarmed attacks and deals 2dCOM+X damage. Your stand takes GRT damage instead of HEA damage, protecting you from physical harm. When you drop to 0 GRT, your stand dissipates, and you are you (and only you) again. Note: your stand hates your ego-self and will try its best to ruin its reputation, insulting its friends, attacking civilians, and so on. GMs, exploit this!

  • Surge (special/free) – You can use hell science powers in ways that defy the understanding of even the most erudite Senior Archivists: when using a hell science power, burn the requisite GRT +X more GRT, where X is equal to or less than your level × 3. The effect of the power is now +X, whether that applies to damage, damage reduction, duration in minutes or hours, or any other measurable effect. If the effect is not measurable, it is qualitatively amplified a ginormous amount. X minutes after using the power, you feel weak and cannot use any Weird power for X rounds. During this time, you smell sweaty and can’t speak eloquently.

Hell Science

  • Commune (standard) – Burn 2 GRT: you can talk to any majority-biological sapient, regardless of the languages you speak, for a number of minutes equal to your level.

  • Wrinkle (standard) – Burn 7X GRT: you cause a target to become old before her time by a factor of 5X years. Humans die immediately if wrinkled by +100 years. Other species live some number of years as determined by the GM. Humans in middle age (35–65) see their COM and MOV dice move down one die type and their REA and WIL dice move up one die type. Humans older than 65 see their COM and MOV dice move down two die types and their REA and WIL dice move up two die types. Aging even 5 years is terrifying and intimidates affected targets immediately.


A provincial merchant-laird wants you to work for her, against the Directorate…



  • Fragmentation grenade, Ancient (4 clank) – 2d20 damage. 5-M range. Can be thrown. Damages all targets within 3 M of impact site. 32 gl.

  • Shotgun, slug (3 clank) – 3d4 damage. 30-M range. Normally two-handed. If you shoot one-handed, you suffer a -1 to hit. Doubles as a club. 150 gl.


  • Ridiculously dense jelly-armor made from the body of a psychotrophic alien called a metrad (1 bio) – DR 2 [already included]. No value


  • Bicycle (2 clank) – Velocipedes are beloved by everyone in the future, obviously. 50 gl.

  • Environment suit (envirosuit), standard (5 clank) – Allows for 12 hours of vacuum travel. Standard envirosuits are punctured whenever you take damage and must be patched. Repair kits come with the suit. Repairs take 1 round and require a normal (6) REA check. 40 gl.

  • Sniffer (2 bio) – A sniffer is a small sea slug worn as a brooch that, once tuned into your biology, detects environmental threats such as radiation, poison, hypoxia, etc., in game terms it adds +4 to WIL checks to perceive such threats. 25 gl.

  • Some shit you’ve found, potentially useful – Flares for a flaregun (5), police training manual, IKEA tools including small hammer (d3 damage), charcoal briquettes, lighter. 5 gl.

  • Oddment – Jug of rancid “centaur milk,” causes vivid and spiritually orienting hallucinations.

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 24