KICKSTARTER ☉ nanotech Zinequest ambush!

We are excited to announce a Zinequest 3 ambush in the form of a zine about nanotech AKA the Blood… 

SUBTLE FLUID will combine all of the rules on the blooder class, the nanofluidics advanced powers, and nanotech items along with new art, lore, and world-building details. In addition, we’ll be doubling the nanofluidics powers, greatly expanding the options for the blood class. Plus, for the first time, we’re offering a print option through DriveThruRPG.

Check out the SUBTLE FLUID campaign on Kickstarter! 

Note, we are also opening up content direction from backers: we hope to offer a few mini-ventures drenched in self-assembling mayhem… And we’re excited to be able to offer a nanotechnology theme song from Music d20! I mean, how often do whole strata of technological evolution get theme songs? Not often enough!

Thanks to everyone who has played the game and helped us develop it from homebrew idea/rambling science fiction into a visualized world. (Now with new logo!) We truly appreciate you.

1st-level Stillfleet character generator

Reloading this page will generate a new, random, playable 1st-level character. Note, this is a working draft: if you see something wacky, please feel free to reach out on Discord and let us know.

Wetan Pir level 1

Rankstillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −A double-prime

You are a vainglorious comedian from Calayat. You were trained as a Co. doctor. Your job is to use your specialist scientific knowledge to complete the venture as contracted, and to heal any wounded voidminers. Secretly, you are in love with a high-ranking and dangerous Company official. Who is this person? Are they as venal and self-interested as most Co. potentates, or are they the exception that proves the rule?

LanguagesSpin, Rasp, and Calaș

ScoresCOM d10+1
MOV d12+1
REA d8
WIL d6
CHA d6
HEA 24 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 14 [maxREA+maxWIL]
DR 2 [gear]



  • Arthropod (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 MOV. [already included]

  • Big spiky hard-shelled bug (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 COM.[already included]

  • Mandibles, spiracles, etc. (permanent) – You can metabolize a much greater range of chemicals than hominins, only a few of which are cognizable to humans as “food.” You thus spend less on equipage during venture outlay (you just carry around some rotting fungusbark and human-urine energy shots). You effectively make back an extra 25 voidguilders with each venture. (Standard venture pay is your level × 25.) This power doesn’t help at game start.


  • Heal (standard) – You practice trauma medicine, using your training and a small kit of advanced medi-gewgaws. Burn X GRT and treat a person, you or someone else: that person regains X +your level HEA. Healing also cures bleed, burn, stun, and other non-Weird conditions. Heal can be used on someone with 0 HEA: in this case, the person receiving healing wakes up, groggy and weak, and can act. Bonus item: you begin play with a doctor’s bag and some drugs [already included].

  • Augur (delayed-standard) – Burn 10 -dREA GRT, minimum 2, and 1 HEA: ask any answerable (short) question. At the end of the round, after everyone else in initiative has acted, the nameless things whom you contacted reply with the answer. This answer may be vague, depending on the question, but will not be malicious, a lie, or incomplete.

  • Find clue (once-per-session/standard) – You find something genuinely useful, plot-wise. You can find a clue toward whichever plot you want, but you should make your choice clear to the GM. This clue is specific: you don’t necessarily understand the bigger picture, but you know what you need to do next.



  • Boomerang, returning (2 clank) – d4 damage. 40-M range. If you roll a 6 or above to hit but your target still dodges, the boomerang returns to you. Doubles as a club. 6 gl.

  • Funguswood longsword (2 clank) – d10-2 damage. 19 gl.


  • Riot gear or well-made bone or shell armor (2 clank) – DR 2 [already included]. -1 to non-dodge MOV checks. 15 gl.


  • Doctor's bag – Basic medical supplies.

  • Gunch, 9 hits (2 bio) – “Gunch” or “wanch” is a street drug—actually a class of highly addictive, synthetic opioids that affect all biological sapients. One hit of gunch heals d6 HEA. Every time you use gunch, you face a 1 in 10 chance of becoming addicted. If you become addicted, you must use gunch every day or suffer 20 -dWIL GRT damage per day. After d6 days sober, you suffer d6 HEA damage as well. This withdrawal period ends after 25 -dWIL days. 45 gl. (5 gl/hit)

  • Walkie set, 5 units (1 code) – Connects voices over an 5-km range. 50 gl. (10 gl/unit)

  • Wetgill (3 clank) – Wetgills allow dryair sapes to breathe beneath the waves. 30 gl.

  • Oddment – Terrier-like organism made of fungus that loves to wallow in mud.

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 1

Welcome to the howling void

Stillfleet is a grimdark, politically charged tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) set in space, far into the ruinous future. Spaceships are just dungeons, hanging in the dark…

Check out the SUBTLE FLUID campaign on Kickstarter! 

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More resources

☉Check out the random 1st-level character generator below!

☉If you are making your own Stillfleet character, here is a spreadsheet-based character sheet >

☉And here is a draft PDF character sheet >

This post explains more about the game >

What is Stillfleet?

Stillfleet is a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) about exploring ruined spacecraft—“hulks”—as well as habitable earth-like planets long-ago colonized by terrans but then cut off from contact with the greater galaxy for decades or centuries—“rocks.”

Thus Stillfleet is really two different games, one hulkside—a series of grimdark explorations of advanced technical structures, hanging in the void—and the other rockside—a political game about managing a company distributed across space.

Players take the roles of various explorers working as part of the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters, more often known simply as “the Company,” abbreviated the Co. Theoretically, the players are working together… In practice, this is not always the case.

The term “stillfleet” comes from the fact that many planets were once colonized by humans, and that most of these planets (or all of them?) are orbited even today by massive, “dead” ships. However advanced, these ships never work as originally designed.

Their tachyon drives are unpowered, their dimension mills broken. To reach them, fleeters use not other ships but the timespace gates called stiffworks.