1st-level Stillfleet character generator

This is an alpha test! Currently, reloading this page will generate a new random, playable 1st-level character—but only using some classes and species. We are adding more options soon. Oh, and ignore the random-looking debugging text for now 🙂


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Items: Array ( [145] => Array ( [0] => missile weapon [1] => 75 ) [11] => Array ( [0] => melee weapon [1] => 4 ) [170] => Array ( [0] => armor [1] => 60 ) [194] => Array ( [0] => oddment other [1] => -1 ) [45] => Array ( [0] => power other [1] => -1 ) [108] => Array ( [0] => ventureware other [1] => 10 ) [111] => Array ( [0] => ventureware other [1] => 80 ) )
Bonuses: Array ( [COM] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => ) [MOV] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => ) [REA] => Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => species bonus ) [WIL] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => ) [CHA] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => ) [HEA] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => ) [GRT] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => ) [VG] => Array ( [0] => 125 [1] => species bonus ) [DR] => Array ( [0] => 2 [1] => gear ) [Add] => )

Fleeter Banshee level 1

stillfleeter minima nonfactor, subclass leerling −D

You are a leering storyteller from Spindle. You were trained as a Co. engineer. Your job is to open stiffworks (quantum gates connecting disparate points in timespaces), and to appraise and repair technologies discovered during the venture. Secretly, you are terrified of the Co.: the Directorate is obviously planning to exploit each Goldilocks world in turn, subjugating populations, stealing resrouces, wasting the lives of voidminers... You are planning on turning on the Co. as soon as that seems like a non-suicidal option.


Spin and Rasp (phrases)


COM d8
MOV d10
REA d12+1
WIL d6
CHA d6
HEA 18 [maxCOM+maxMOV]
GRT 23 [maxMOV+maxREA]
DR 2 [gear]



  • Arkheion access (permanent) – You gain a permanent bonus of +1 REA. [already included]

  • Company soul (permanent) – You gain +125 voidguilder at start. [already included]

  • "Modern" (permanent) – You gain a +1 bonus on rolls related to clank-, code-, or force-stratum tech.

  • Voidborn (permanent) – Whenever the GM requires you to roll a WIL check because something in space is scary, you gain a +1 to the roll and don’t appear as phased as the other non-Fleeter characters. This does not apply to Escheresque nausea.


  • Dive (standard) – The ship is on fire—you have to get your party through the stuck bulkhead before the O2 combusts! (Or whatever!) This is your big getaway power. Burn 6 GRT and make a MOV check: if you succeed, you and some or all of your party make it out. You can bring 1 + your level humanoid-sized beings along with you to safety, or burn an additional 6 GRT to bring one additional being beyond your limit. Small sapient beings (0.5-M tall/long) count for half a slot; large sapes (3-M tall/long) count double; small pets (cat/beagle-sized) are free. If you fail your MOV check, you injure yourself for d6 HEA.

  • Astrogate (standard/indefinite) – You can, with effort, actually pilot spacefaring vessels. Cost to command a vessel is based purely on its class (a combined 1–6 rating based on its size, complexity, and condition), with each point of vessel class costing 6 GRT. Burning this GRT grants you the ability to pilot or otherwise command the ship, within reason. (If the hyperdrive’s broke, it ain’t jumpin; mining vessels may not sport armament, etc.) While piloting, you are essentially stuck and unable to otherwise venture. You must pay the astrogation cost each time you chart a course into or out of a system, or each time the ship is damaged or upgraded. Doing anything with the ship other than moving from point A to B (firing weapons, scanning a mysterious craft, remotely salvaging damaged life support systems, etc.) requires relevant checks, typically REA or, in a dogfight, COM and MOV.

  • Jack (standard) – Use, alter, or repair tech. Burn XY GRT, where X is the type of tech (ranked 1–7, clank [medieval], bio [contemporary on-Spin], code [Ancient, Early Tephnian], force [High Tephnian], nano [Late Tephnian, Snakeman], bug [cryptocerid, heechee, mantid, mi-go], Escheresque) and Y is the level of complexity (ranked 1–6, simple, standard, complex, corporate, military, godlike). Thus, a force artifact of standard complexity costs 4 x 2 = 8 GRT to interact with. Once this cost has been paid, the artifact functions as designed, within reason. A laser (standard force) keeps firing until it runs out of juice, which is up to the GM to determine (e.g., d20 charges). Repowering requires access to the appropriate resources and an additional use of the jack power. Bonus item: instead of a standard envirosuit, you begin play with a perfect environment suit that you have repaired [already included]. This allows you to safely operate in the void for 36 hours.

  • Tack (standard) – Open, close, or change the destination of a stiffworks. Costs and mechanics vary by the works. Open stiffworks remain open for 10 minutes per tack… usually.1



  • Crossbow, heavy (2 clank) – d10 damage. 150-M range. Two-handed. Doubles as a club. 75 gl.

  • Large chef’s knife (1 clank) – d4 damage. 4 gl.


  • Living armor (2 bio) – DR 2 [already included]. Requires as much food per day as a human does (although it is significantly less picky about the quality of protein) or it attacks the wearer for d20 damage each round until scared off using fire or copious smoke. 60 gl.


  • Perfect environment suit – Environment suit that you have repaired. This allows you to safely operate in the void for 36 hours.

  • Rebreather machine (3 clank) – Not a mask, but a 1-M square box for refreshing a large room. Provides 24 hours of air oxygenation and CO2 scrubbing. 10 gl.

  • Unface (4 bio) – Completely disguises you as someone else (no one in particular) for up to 48 hours. 80 gl.

  • Oddment – Darasannais chirurgeon’s bag of tools, including a fine scalpel (d4 damage) and a sack of candied “health-meats” that taste amazingly good to amphibians and reptilians (but only to amphibians and reptiles).

Voidguilders (gl) remaining: 17

1 Typical tacking mechanics and associated GRT costs are:

  1. Ancient – Stiffworks from c. -100 MYA (i.e., those built by Virgin Dimenzion™, etc.) are technically either primitive and highly unstable tachyon drives (T drives) or more stable but much less useful quantum-entangling metamagnetic “loop” drives (Q drives):
    • T drives cost 16 GRT and require a difficult (7 or better) REA check to tack; these can be tacked to and from any point in timespace. Typically, T drives were used by shipping companies with military-grade shipware.

    • Q drives cost 8 GRT and require a standard (6 or better) REA check to tack; these can be tacked to and from preprogrammed destinations, or to and from stiffworks you’ve actually used before, or well-characterized and easy-to-tack stiffworks on hubworlds such as Spindle or Terra. Q drives were typically used at starports. Many preprogrammed destinations are utterly unknown to the Co. today.

  2. Spinside – Oft-used stiffworks on Spindle typically cost 2 GRT, no check required, to tack. This applies going out, but not always coming back: The primary stiffworks that connects Spindle to the colony of Darasan, for example, is easy to use Spinside, but requires enormous GRT expenditure on the Darasannais end to tack back.

  3. Provincial (i.e., stiffworks on a distant Carvolian colony world that has some contact with Spindle) – This is the “boring,” standard stiffworks. To tack it, burn 4 GRT and roll a REA check. If you succeed, you’ve tacked. If you fail, you may try again next
    round by burning another 4 GRT.

  4. Tephnian – Interfacing with a comm, make a dREA check, difficulty 7, and burn 12 GRT. Or use the access password (though you probably don’t know this). Or drip a single drop of nanite-infused Blood onto the sensor (though you probably don’t have any noble Blood on you). Any of these approaches will tack the stiffworks.

  5. Snakeman – Sacrifice a sapient life, then scar yourself, burning d20 -dWIL HEA, min 4.

  6. Heechee – Politely ask the gate to open, using your brain-like multi-tongue (though you probably don’t have one of these). Or think at the gate, politely asking it to open, and burn d20 -dREA GRT, min 3.

  7. Escheresque – Traveling “to” the Escheresque causes all non-extradimensional sapients, even purely informatic beings, to experience “Escheresque nausea” which deals d4 -dWIL +dREA GRT damage, minimum 1, and physically incapacitates you for 1 round. There are two ways to tack “to” the Escheresque:
    • If you have an Escheresque blade and can “activate” it (unfold it in N-dimensions), then you can use it to cut tack a stiffworks ex nihilo, from any point in the universe to any point the Escheresque and vice versa. (Importantly, you cannot use the blade to tack a stiffworks from any one point in the universe to another, nor from any one point “in” the Escheresque to another.)

    • If you don’t have an Escheresque blade, or can’t unfold it, you may be able to travel to the Escheresque at no cost via the cryptic foldgates puncturing timespace at various points. These are typically found at the depths of alien enigmadromes, in the hearts of stars, etc. Little is known by the Co. about the Escheresque, because few fleeters who travel there ever return to Spindle.

  8. Utterly mysterious – Some stiffworks do not sit within any known category…